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Romane Roux

Lithograph Jean-Louis Forain "La Paix"

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Lithograph by Jean-Louis Forain concerning the First World War (WWI).

Louis Henri Forain, known as Jean-Louis Forain, born in Reims on October 23, 1852 and died in Paris 16th on July 11, 1931, is a painter, illustrator and French engraver. Successor of Daumier, he met with success as a worldly caricaturist (the bourgeois world, the rats of the opera). His works are very influenced by Degas, whom he greatly admired. He also exhibited fairly regularly with the Impressionists between 1879 and 1886.

Jean-Louis Forain was above all a political and social draftsman, forcefully imposing his humanitarian ideas. Engaged as a volunteer in 1914, aged 62, he joined the Camouflage Section with other artists. He accompanies the soldiers in the trenches to continue to draw and to support them morally. This lithograph is an example of works produced by the artist during this period.

Justified by the artist 32/300, it is signed in the plate as well as in pencil by the artist at the bottom right. It has traces of handling as well as a slight tear visible in photograph n°3.

The board measures 56 x 38cm.
The illustration measures 47x 38cm .