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Romane Roux

Herbert Theurillat "a city / a portrait of a woman"

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Some works of art sometimes hide others. Such is the case with this painting.

This is a depiction of a quiet town. But on the reverse is a naked woman. The artist who produced this double work is none other than Herbert Léon Marcel Theurillat (1896 - 1987). Swiss painter, engraver and draftsman, he was professor of Fine Arts in Geneva.

This double work is opposed. Indeed, on the front is represented a city with cold totalities while it is the warm colors that predominate in the portrait. The seated position of the woman allows Theurillat to play with the luminosity and the shapes of the model's body.

Thus, it is according to your wish that you can hang the city or the portrait.


Width: 31.5cm

Height: 45.5cm