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Romane Roux

Face-to-hand in chiseled bronze made for the Crozatier 19th century competition

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Face-to-hand in bronze called Charles V in chiseled bronze. It was made for the Crozatier competition during the second half of the 19th century.

Charles Crozatier (1795-1855) is a sculptor, foundryman, engraver who institutes a prize in his name to promote his profession through a competition. The winner is awarded a scholarship to complete his training. 

This Renaissance-style hand front is decorated with three pairs of antique characters surrounding a mirror with cut sides. It has two inscriptions: "Concours Crozatier" and "Plus ultra" (motto of Charles Quint meaning "to exceed the limits of the feasible"). In the upper part, the battle scene takes up a cartouche shield made by the goldsmith Eliseus Libaerts preserved today at the castle of Skokloster in Sweden.

The back of the hand side is covered with a brass plate. Some traces of scratches on the mirror.


Height: 30.5cm

Width: 9cm