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Romane Roux

Cassandre (1901 - 1968) Montgeron - Your home is 15 minutes from Paris

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Color poster by Cassandre (1901 - 1968) for the city of Montgeron.

Inspired by cubism and surrealism, Cassandre made a name for herself with her posters. His creations for the Dubonnet wine company were among the first posters designed so that they could be seen by the occupants of moving vehicles. He worked with several major French fashion houses, designing playing cards and scarves for Hermès as well as the famous Yves Saint Laurent logo.

This poster highlights Cassandre's taste for speed. The train expresses the proximity of the town of Montgeron to Paris.


Height: 156cm

Width: 120cm

Condition: B (folds, tears)